The Burnaby Arms

66 Stanley Street, Bedford, Bedfordshire, England

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The Burnaby Arms

Traditional Folk Music Night at the Burnaby Arms in Bedford (Stanley St, Bedford MK41 7RU) - Last Tuesday of every month at 7:30pm (except for Christmas 2016 which will be on Wednesday 28th December).

Every month we come together to play tunes together and enjoy the company of others.

The Music:
Traditional English and Northumbrian folk tunes. Players of all instruments are welcome, including percussion, as are singers and self composers. Welcome box players and fiddlers, drummers and guitarists, whistlers and bagpippists, and viola players at a push…

Tunes are played informally, simply start up a tune and others will join in.

Beginners are strongly encouraged. A tune list is added to each month (see the end of the event description), meaning that if you know only a couple of tunes on the list, come along and start the tune (or ask someone else to start it) at a pace that is suitable for your ability and others will join in with you.

The Location:
The Burnaby Arms is a lovely community pub. Revamped in recent years, the pub has won awards for its new decor, winning North Beds CAMRA ‘Most Improved Pub 2013’ and winner of the ‘PRS Music Makeover 2013’. It also won North Beds CAMRA ‘Bedford Town Pub of The Year 2014’ and can be found in the Good Beer Guide.

The pub has a selection of real ales including Wells Eagle IPA, Courage Directors, Young’s London Gold and has regular Guest Ale.

Parking is on the streets around with free parking on Stanley Street, Garfield Street and Gladstone Street, however do not park on Palmerston Street or Beaconsfield Street as these are 24hr Resident Park Zones only and people do get parking tickets.

Audience welcome to attend! But be warned… you may be encouraged to sing the choruses…

Tune List:
Beginners are strongly encourage. If you know a tune from this list, come along and play it with us. We will join in and play at a pace suitable to you. Know tunes not on the list? Just start them up and other people will be able to join in. We can even add them to the list for future folk nights.

This is the list to help beginners - musicians are welcome to come and play any traditional tune/song, folk tune/song or tunes/songs of their own composition.

Bear Dance (Emin or Amin)
Beaux of London City
Blue Eyed Stranger
Dark Girl Dressed in Blue
Bonny Green Garters
Brighton Camp
British Grenadiers
Captain Lanoe’s Quick March.
Cock O’ The North
Constant Billy
Bluebells of Scotland
Not For Joe
Donkey Riding
Drowsy Maggie
Fakenham Fair
Grandfather’s Clock
Jenny Lind Polka
Jimmy Allen
Jump at the Sun
Lasses o Dunn
Louth Quickstep
Lunch at the Pub / Will’s Way (Played as a set)
Michael Turner’s Waltz
La Mourisque
Nutting Girl
Orange in Bloom
Princess Royal
Maggie in the Woods / Salmon Tails up the Water (Played as a set)
Shepherd’s Hey
Speed the Plough
Theme Vannitaise
Three Round Three
Vandals of Hammerwich
Winster Gallop
Winster Processional
Young Collins
Willow Tree
Jake’s Jig
Love and Whiskey
Barrie Rocks of Aden
Balance the Straw
British Grenadiers
Lads a’ Bunchum

A great resource that contains many of these tunes is Paul Hardy’s Tune Book: Download the PDF version, order a print version or load it on a iPad. Digital copies are free and print versions are only charged at the cost of printing and postage.

Re: The Foresters Arms

This session now takes place in The Foresters Arms on Union Street, still on the Last Tuesday of each month.

The Burnaby Arms

Last Tuesday of the month. Had migrated to the Foresters, but now back at the Burnaby.

Tunes session, mostly English with a bit of continental/Scottish/Northumbrian thrown in.

Aims to be a steady session, all abilities welcome.