The New Inn

Parson Lane, Clitheroe, Lancashire, England

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The New Inn

This session is held every two weeks. The only change to that is if it clashes with Christmas day so in 2016 the last session is held on Tuesday 27th Dec.The first date for 2017 season is Sunday 8th Jan.then every other Sunday after that throughout the year. Sessions run from 2.30pm - 6.30pm (approximately). There are impromptu sessions here on Saturday evenings too throughout the Year . The New Inn is on the North East side of Clitheroe Castle with Parking available in the Market Car Park directly behind the Pub. a Family - and dog - friendly session.

Proof of a continuing tradition - New Inn Clitheroe Sessions April - July 2017

~ the next dates for the Next quarter will be:
April: 2nd, 16th & 30th
May: 14th & 28th
June: 11th & 25th
July: 9th & 23rd

~ You might also be interested to listen to the recording of a session which went out on Radio Lancashire - 19th March - on Phil Brown’s The Drift:

Regards - Steve Burke - Sent March 25th, 2017

An appreciated answer to a query I’d sent, now shared with others who had expressed an interest.

Re: The New Inn

As the second session in December 2017 would have fallen on Christmas Eve this year it has been brought forward to 23rd December. The starting time is likely to be 3.00 pm ‘ish’ but could well run on into the evening depending on the stamina of the regular players - and pre Christmas antics of the audience!

After this the fortnightly sequence will re-commence on Sunday 7th Jan, 21st, Feb 4th, 14th etc. Start 2.30pm ish ’til 6.30pm.
Steve Burke

Re: The New Inn Sessions

in response to a query from ‘Ceolachan’ today (21st Sept 2019) the fortnightly sessions are ‘live and kicking’ @ the New Inn Clitheroe. The next is tomorrow 22nd - and thereafter every two weeks after that. Start around 2.30pm and runs until approx 7.00pm.

There may be an impromptu later night session after the Dervish gig @ The Grand on Friday 27th where our ‘house band’ Drop the Floor are supporting them.


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Sorry to have missed Dervish, expecting friends to report back about their concert…

Doing the math, fortnightly Sundays post the 22nd of September 2019 to the 11th of January 2020:

6th October 2019

20th October 2019

3rd November 2019

17th November 2019

1st December 2019

15th December 2019

29th December 2019
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - New Year - - - - - - - - - - - -
11th January 2020

Here’s hoping I got that right?

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Diolch/Go raibh ma’agat/Trugarez for the update Steve…

Re: The New Inn Session

Hi Ceolachan

Tardy, I know, but you have the dates right , up until the first session in 2020 - which will indeed be on the 11th Jan. 2020. Any players - or listeners (an essential part of any session imo) available and able to attend the last one of 2019, on 29th December, are warmly invited to do so and to help make this a ‘Mighty Session’ to offset, in some way, what - on many levels - has been a sh*te year.

Papa B

Re: The New Inn

Am I right in thinking the next of these sessions will be on Sunday 9th Feb?

Re: The New Inn

Post Covid Lockdown Update:
The fortnightly Sunday Afternoon Sessions started again in August 2021 and are now back in full swing. Most encouraginly quite a few young players are coming along to join some of the regular ‘older hands’ which include some of - and sometimes all of - the members of Drop the Floor.
Our next session will be on 15th May then every fortnight afterwards. Session start around 2.30pm and run on into the early evening.