Rank’s Tavern

Adams, Wisconsin, USA

  • Schedule: Monday.

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Rank’s Tavern

Weekly mixed-skill levels, no sheet reading, no chord charts.
PD (strictly! NO covers!) and local original songs.
Intermediate students welcome.
Mic vocal & instr only — no plug-in instrum.
No admission charge, no cover, no drink min. FWO bucket. 7-9pm

Re: Rank’s Tavern

Monday session at what time? By the way, in reading this I sense a heck of a lot of NO-NO-NO. Is this a friendly Irish trad session?

Rank’s Tavern, Adams, Wisconsin: Mondays, 7-9pm

Sorry for omitting the time: 7-9pm. Irish trad done, but sparsely represented. Pan-ethnic friendly. Well-mixed audience, some who come to dance; lots of danceable tunes. Intermediate singer-players helped along. Instruments are mic’d, not transducered.
____ What’s to object about NO door, NO cover, NO minimum? Bucket: "Tips For Musicians"? Come "on on in" and sense a long-time loyal, appreciative audience.
____ My other "no" points are to allay disappointment for those who think louder is better or newer is better. We have a sound man for a sound tech. He prefers his hi-fi mics: Sennheiser, AKG, Shure.
____ For "NO COVERS" I make no apology. Our venue nearly went BMI-bankrupt* because of our ill-information, and we now protect them fiercely.
-DZ, earfirst.net
*______ [see "Performance Rights Organization" at Wikipedia]