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Burnside Inn

2nd and 4th sundays of the months starting at 16.30….goes on as long as folks want!
(Number 57 bus from Dundee or Blairgowrie)

All levels of players warmly welcomed
All styles of ( loosely termed) folk and traditional music enjoyed, along with plenty of banter..

A friendly, small, session, if you are a beginner you will be encouraged and supported, if you are highly experienced we will listen intently and admire your skills! If you are somewhere in between, you will be in good company.

We look forward to meeting you…and sharing a jolly evening with you

Re: Burnside Inn

It sounds very interesting that Alyth is starting a folk session. Unfortunately I am now 500 miles from home so can’t attend but I sincerely hope it goes well.

Re: Burnside Inn

I attend a folk group way down south but one of the members sang "The Berryfields Of Blair" and it brought back so many memories of the berryfields at West Pitnacree more years ago than I would admit.

Re: Burnside Inn

Hi Conrad,
there has been a session going in Alyth for quite a lot of years, we have moved venue to the Burnside. It used to be at the Losset.
come back and see us some time!

Re: Burnside Inn

Sadly the Alyth Sunday session at the Burnside has folded. RIP

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