The Whistling Badger

4 Short Bridge Street, Llanidloes, Powys, Wales

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The Royal Head

*Second* and *fourth* Wednesday of each month.
Next sessions:
(We have yet do decide what happens when there are 5 Wednesdays in the month).

The venue is an amalgamation of two pubs - The Royal Oak and The King’s Head. It is still referred to locally as "The King’s", despite having the name ‘The Royal Head’ clearly emblazoned upon it. The session has recently been moved here after being ousted from its previous location at The Mount Inn.

Very flexible as regards repertoire - depends on who turns up. All welcome, so long as you can play a tune/sing a song/tell a story etc. and are respectful of fellow participants. Among the regulars, there is a core tune repertoire that includes mostly English, Welsh, Irish and French tunes. It can sometimes lean in a more Irish direction, if the right players turn up. If you are considering a trip to Llanidloes, feel free to message me.

Re: The Whistling Badger

After a change of management and name (from The Royal Head to The Whistling Badger) and a period of inactivity, this session has resurfaced on the *THIRD THURSDAY OF THE MONTH*.

The pub is now run by a former school music teacher, who loves having musicians in, so there is a chance of this session becoming more frequent. Watch this space!

Update: Now Twice Monthly

Due to popular demand (from musicians, punters and licensee alike) this session now takes place TWICE A MONTH on the SECOND and FOURTH THURSDAYS.

**once A Month**

…Due to popular demand, this session has now reverted to once a month, the SECOND THURSDAY of the month. There is a chance we might be able to make it twice monthly again for the summer months.