The Star Inn

1 Fore Street, St Just, Cornwall, England

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The Star Inn, St Just, Cornwall

This is a mighty session altogether! Kicks off at half eight and goes on til the lights come on. Very friendly and welcoming, and suitable for all abilities. The music is mostly Irish, bit of singing, occasional dancing…. It’s a good night so check it out if you’re in the area!
Any questions, please email me at

I went to this session back in early September last year. I was alone and nervous as heck! But the kindly older gentleman who seems to be the one who runs it motioned me over and invited me into the fold.

I met Rachael–She’s got a vibrant and friendly personality, and she’s an awesome player, and lots of other folks that night who were extremely friendly. I was nervous partly because of my ability level (beginner to intermediate at best), but I fit right in, playing on the ones I could and sitting out the ones I couldn’t. I was even asked to start up a set of my own. I picked Top of Cork Road into My Darling Asleep. Mostly everyone knew those, so I was releived.

A great little pub/Inn in a gorgeous area of the world. I intend to return!

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Star players

I popped in last week and was made most welcome - the standard is high!! I knew a lot of the repertoire so had a really good evening with some really interesting people and decent beer.
Great of Rachel to fill me in on things!

A really big one.

I popped in at the height of summer w bit late - about 10 perhaps. By that time the pub was so packed it was nearly impossible to get near enough to hear the tunes, let alone join in. There were about 15 players, 3 or 4 of whom were standing around the outside of the sitting group leaning in while playing in order to hear, and outside that ring there was a crowd of punters about 10 thick, so I left my fiddle in the car and went out back for a pint, a smoke and a chat with some colourful locals.

I’ve since been told it pays to turn up early for this one if you are planning to go in the middle of tourist season. I still had a nice time, and the contrebasse player was kind enough to tip me off about the Thursday session in Zennor when I cornered him outside and asked if there were quieter sessions around.

I will try again now that the summer’s gone and the leaves have turned and the mushrooms have shrivelled in the fields. Racheal assures me it’s quieter now, and I’ve met some of the players elsewhere.

When I went to this session most of the musicians were tourists, only two or three seemed to be local. Still, it was a very good session. However, there was a man hitting a bodhran with a paintbrush who got up and started doing ridiculous dancing and clapping. Luckily, he was at the other end of the room away from most of the musicians. The songs were also very good.

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A Friendly Welcome

Was warned by the landlord to turn up early but the room was packed when we arrived. The musicians were fine about a bodhran player joining in and even invited me to bring a chair from another room so that I could sit in. Some great tunes and I was sorry I couldn’t stay longer.

Thanks to all.


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Fine friendly session

We turned up at the Star in July, 2013 after Miltown Malby. A very friendly relaxed session. We met some nice local musicians and had a great time. The Star is an old pub, low ceiling, dark, packed with people, tourists, and I assume locals. They found two seats for us and it was just to join in. No flash light photography allowed. Some bluegrass tunes were played and people took turns playing, reminding me of a 1960’s English folk club, although everyone joined in if they knew the tune. lots of singing too. Recommended

Re: The Star Inn

Every Monday:

The Diddly Dees -
from 8.30pm
Celtic Folk music.
If you have an instrument, and can play,
come and join in!

From the pub’s website, September, 2018.

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Re: The Star Inn

Hi there, will be in Sennen for a week from Sunday. Would it be okay to come and join you (harp, can’t lead any fast tunes myself, but do a bit of backing, and slowish stuff if wanted)?

Re: The Star Inn

Visited Monday 28th March 2022. Landlord Johnny McFadden said session hasn’t been on since before Covid and he’s not sure when it will be back on again.

If you’re thinking of going along ring the pub first.