Collin’s Irish Tavern

Calle Sagasta 26, Madrid, Madrid, Spain

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Collin’s pub

Open session

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Not that open. Full of up-nosed.

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Session starts around 10pm and most people will be leaving around midnight.

I dunno what ye mean with up-nosed. What I experienced was an open session with a good core of players. Some pipes, some flutes and whistles, a fiddle, a mandolin, some guitars and bodhráns. Most tunes are played at moderate speed but with very nice groove and feel.

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Session now on Mondays instead of Thursdays

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That awful person commenting about up-nosed people has been expelled from all sessions in Madrid due to disruptive behaviour, heavy drinking, insulting and not respecting other musicians.
Collins session is open to well mannered people who want to share their music skills with others.
Etiquette just as any other Irish session worldwide.

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Sometimes day changes due to personal needs . It’s a good idea to call by on a Monday and ask for Jose Luis phone number. He is the admin of WhatsApp Collins Session group. Just to be informed of any changes going on and other events related.

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Any sessions on this week at Collins or elsewhere in Madrid? I’m heading back to Ireland on Sunday…

Have me uilleann pipes with me, but am better on the guitar, which I don’t have - Ryanair oblige. 🙁(

Slan go foill,