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Eileen’s Bar

New acoustic session (bit of a mix) starting Tuesdays from 8ish - closing (Kilcrohane is a fair old drive down the Sheep’s Head so starting earlier means people can get home at a reasonable hour). Trad sessions occasional Sundays, starting tomorrow (5th) 6 - 9pm. Check on here for updates on these. In general, open session/all welcome.

Passing musicians welcome for impromptu tunes, feel free to send me a direct message. Lovely traditional pub, large outside area for summer months. Various guesthouses in the locality, close to beach and part of the Sheep’s Head way. Guinness, Murphy’s, Beamish and other usual suspects. Lovely staff and punters, worth a visit.

Re: Eileen’s Bar

Tuesdays out. Check in for occasional Sundays and spontaneous tunes whenever!