The Pilot Inn

31 Low Greens, Berwick Upon Tweed, Northumberland, England

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Sessions run from 8.30. I haven’t visited, but it has been recommended by several people I know. Sheet music available from the organisers; it pays to prepare in advance.


8.30 til 11.00

Northumbrian, Irish, French Canadian, Shetland, Old time, Cape Breton and Scottish tunes.

Always a good night.

July 2011

A room full of musicians and listeners happy to welcome and make a place for me. Wide range and mix of tunes and instruments played to a high standard but with space for learners.
I enjoyed it very much and will come back in the future.

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Friendly and welcoming session. It’s worth going if you’re in the area. The regulars have a set which includes quite a few well-known tunes as well as some local stuff but you can often get the dots off one of the musicians

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Have been going to this session for a couple of years now. Fantastic, wish i’d attended years ago.
Did not know many of the tunes when I started but now enjoy playing Irish, Scottish, Northumbria and French Canadian tunes. Top notch.

The Pilot Inn - Almost 30 years continuous meeting of a session!

I’ve just found a note of all the 33 players who attended the massive session for the 25th year of the Pilot Session. The date was 27th November 2014. A recording was made available to all who were there.

So November 2019 will be the 30th year that this session has been held weekly, with a break at Christmas most years.

Beat that!

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Is there still a Thursday evening session?
I shall be in the Berwick area in March for 3 weeks.
Looking for sessions in the area.
Thanks for reading, slainte….

Re: The Pilot Inn

Just attended the session tonight.
Sorry I could not stay longer.
A great welcoming group.
Great tunes.
Wide smiles.
Slainte, Ian ( the other moothie player)