Union Quay, Cork, Cork, Ireland

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Session at Charlie’s

If you’re not going to the Lobby or the Phoenix, pick the one in between! Very long sessions from Sunday afternoon ’till (usually) late at night.

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I was there on a Sunday last year about this time; wonderful session. Heard E

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Play in the session

I’m a whistle player (and piper beginner) from Spain, and I’m going to be in Cork a few days. I’d like know if I could play in the session.

Fantastic session very friendly,Seanie o Driscoll plays there and he is amazing,great atmosphere with a burning fire and a good pint, for me its the start to a perfect Sunday

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Have heard loads of good stuff about this session. I’ll be in on March 9th, if my flight from the States makes it on time. Can’t wait!

Still going strong, still a really tasty session. It starts at 3pm on Sunday afternoon.

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April 2010

Dropped in for a pint last Sunday, 11th April. Eoin Riabhaigh on pipes and Sean O’Driscoll on banjo, indeed, as mentioned above.
Here’s a list of some of the tunes I heard played :
Within A Mile Of Dublin/Sally Gardens
Padraig O’Keeffe’s/Denis Murphy’s[ slides ]
Tom Ward’s Downfall/Barmaid
Humours Of Ballyloughlin’Fraher’s
Jenny Picking Cockles/Shaskeen
“Charlie Harris’s reels” [ Creamer’s/Burren ]

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Is this session alive? what time does it start? thank

Session is still going 3-6 every Sunday. Also the occasional one on Thursdays evenings as well now.

Fine session…

Still going, as of last Sunday. Very friendly group of musicians. Sorry if the flute-players took over a bit more than usual, but I’d hope to be back again around the same time next year. Thanks to all the regulars for the welcome.

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Re: Charlie’s

Just to share some intelligence, since there’s been years since last post.
Session is still ongoing. On Sunday it’s on between 3-7pm.
Phone number has changed from the one listed, new number is 021 4318342.

Re: Charlie’s

Any idea on a Thursday session? It is our only night in Cork.

Re: Charlie’s

Went there (3pm Sunday 30th June) - as recommended by Kenny.
Relaxed and friendly session, not too crowded, good acoustics.

Sean was playing the box throughout at a lovely steady pace.
We left after 6pm when it seemed to have wound down, or maybe just taking a long break.

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Re: Charlie’s

I popped into Charlie’s for the Sunday session when I was town for the Cork Folk Festival. It was great!

There were plenty of musicians, probably more than usual, what with the festival happening, but it was lovely playing with everyone.

The music started at 3:30pm. I left around 6:30pm to catch my bus, by which time the session was winding down (or maybe it was just a temporary lull).

I’ll definitely be back next time I’m in Cork on a Sunday!

Here’s a picture of about half of the musicians playing: