The Trafalgar

23 High Path, Merton, London, England

  • Schedule: Wednesday.

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The Trafalgar

1st and 3rd Wednesday of the week.
PLEASE NOTE: This is mainly an English Trad/ Morris session but with a healthy dollop of Irish!
Great little pub! Many, many ales, craft beers, ciders et cetera…
Come and enjoy the diversity that South London brings!!!

Re: The Trafalgar

Hi - I like an English session. Are the first and third Wednesdays very stable and regular? Do you have a Facebook page or Twitter for this session or any way to check it’s definitely on?

Re: The Trafalgar

Session tomorrow: Wed 18 Oct 2017.

Extra sesh at Traf!!

In addition to the regular mixed sessions indicated above, there is now a new regular session on the 4th Wed of the month.
Please note!!!!! This is a special Morris Tunes sesh lead by Black Swan Border Morris Side. But all players are welcome!!!

Re: The Trafalgar

Trad Irish sesh normally held at Kilkenny Tavern being held in exile at Traf temporarily every Tuesday night.

Re: The Trafalgar

Fab stuff at Traf currently!
Kilkenny lot in exile here last night and this evening great Trad English sesh!
And the regular (first Friday of the month) ‘Yhaal House presents…’ gig (not sesssion of any sort!) nonsense this Friday! Thank you.

The Kilkenny sesh in exile at the Traf.

Tues Kilkenny sesh continues in exile at the Traf. And very happily!!!

Kilkenny Session in exile at The Trafalgar

Session tonight at Traf! Please come!

Re: The Trafalgar

Surperb Irish session last night followed by hot English trad sesh tonight!
More Irish tunes played at English sesh tonight (Wednesday) than English/ Morris tunes at the Irish (Tuesday)!!
…and beer and drinks here….

The Trafalgar hosting the Kilkenny Tavern session…

Tonight (Tuesday)!!!