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The Corbie Inn

A very good trad music session, held on the First Sunday of every month from 1 pm until 4.30pm.

Re: The Corbie Inn

Ah, good ould Borrowstouness.

I’ve never visited this pub. Is it the old Kinneil Bar by any chance or a new pub?
I’ll try to visit sometime as I’ve heard good reports.

Re: The Corbie Inn

Might well be one and the same as the Kinneil Brew House is also on site (read more on the website above.) They have just changed from a "jump in" session to "round the room" which seems to work just as well: probably better for the quieter individuals: good mix of songs, tunes and instruments and joining in.

Re: The Corbie Inn - moved!

This session moved several years back to the Bridgeness and Carriden Miners Welfare Club on Harbour Road, Bo’ness. It has only recently resumed after along Covid break. It will usually be on the first Sunday of any month from 1pm - 5pm, but sometimes has to change on account of local events.
The next 2022 session is on May 8 (not 1st) and there is no session in June.
Check for updates on the Bo’ness Folk Sessions Facebook page.