B.D.Riley’s Irish Pub @ Mueller

1905 Aldrich St., Suit 130, Austin, Texas, USA

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B.D.Riley’s Irish Pub @ Mueller

Weekly Thursday session at the new B.D.Riley’s pub in East Austin, in the Mueller neighborhood on Aldrich Street. (Started 4/20/17).

This is a friendly, all-levels session; we usually start slow & easy, and get fast & furious by the end of the night. Typical start time is 7pm, until we run out of steam (10 or 11pm usually). You can find photos and previous session tune lists here: http://bit.ly/mueller-session

Musicians drink free and get 25% off of food (there’s a full kitchen), and there’s free (validated) parking in the garage across the street, along with plentiful street parking for $1/hr.

Re: B.D.Riley’s Irish Pub @ Mueller

A few notes on this session, as it helps to have recent reports to reassure people that sessions are still on. It is still going super-strong, and nothing has changed as we’ve passed our 2nd anniversary and hit our 1,000th distinct tune (see the session tune list in Ian’s original comment above), both in April, 2019.

This session is worth showing up to on time, as seating gets tight. The bar can also get quite loud with patrons, especially if there is a popular "sportsball" event on the viewscreen portals. But it usually quiets down by 10pm, which is about when free chairs begin to open up again. So, bring your "session-volume" instruments, and be prepared to stay until we finish around 11:30, if you want to really explore some of the lesser-played tunes.

P.S. This is a Patriots bar, so if there is ever a Thursday night football/playoff game involving them, the session takes a week’s hiatus. Check the Facebook page if in doubt.