Shanahan’s Irish Pub

17123 Laurel Park Dr. N., Livonia, Michigan, USA

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New session at Shanahan’s Irish Pub - Livonia, MI - Sundays 7PM

Sunday evenings 7PM till ??? All musicians/singers interested in enjoying themselves in their own special (legal) way are most welcome and encouraged to participate - especially pipers!

Tunes range from the standards to the less-standard (you may hear many dance tunes interspersed with the occasional Charlie Lennon composition).

Led by esteemed "Armenian Wonder", Danny Marderosian on fiddle and mandolin. Come for the tunes, stay for the craic…and at the risk of your own mental health 🙂

Shanahan’s is a snap to get to:

Exit 6 Mile Road from I-275. Head east on 6 mile and look for the Holiday Inn (north side of 275). Shanahan’s is located at the Holiday Inn (and has a separate entrance). The owner and staff are gracious and supportive, and have created a remarkably welcoming atmosphere. There’s plenty of room for big sessions and dancing, as well as cozy spots by the fire for more intimate gatherings. Enthusiastic and morally suspect punters are also welcome.

No session

we were there mid july 2004 and there was session scheduled.bartender said it was defunct…….


Nice while it lasted

I used to go there. It died the death. I hated to see it go.

Local Contact

There are often impromptu sessions and private gatherings going on in the Metro Detroit area besides the sessions listed here. For more detailed info (times, dates, locations) you can visit SessioNite. com or write to