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Toowong Bowls Club

Thursdays starting from 25th May 2017
5.30pm - 6.30pm
Slow quiet session for mandolin ukulele and classic guitar. Ukuleles tuned in D.
6.30pm to 8.30pm
Open session for all acoustic instruments.
Musicians and singers are invited to play or sing along with any tunes or songs provided they know them. Some leeway is acceptable but waffling through the entire piece is unacceptable.
Learners and experienced players welcome provided they show respect for the other players and members of the venue.
The aim is to have fun playing music together !

Re: Toowong Bowls Club

One aim is to establish the repertoire to motivate people to dance.

Re: Toowong Bowls Club

This is a fantastic session for beginners from 5:30. Lots of singing which is the best way to grow your musical self. Curated by two dedicated teachers of traditional musicians. The advanced players can find their kicks at 7:00 PM- goes till nine.

Re: Dandelion Social

This session is now at the Dandelion Social
4/591 Wynnum Road Morningside.
Starting at 6.30pm outside (at the back).