Grace O’Malley’s East Coast Pub

1151 Ogilvie Road, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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Cape Breton Sessions at Grace O’Malley’s East Coast Pub

Happens on the third Sunday of each month. Join us under the dory (near the lobster traps) to play some music, or bring some friends to listen to down home music and meet old friends or maybe make some new friends! This session is mostly group playing with a few solos, focused on Cape Breton and some Irish tunes. Sheet music permitted and available on the website. Generally a pretty fast pace. Jam ouverte avec concentration sur le pieces de l’ile du Cap Breton, de l’Écosse et de Glengarry. Apportez un instrument ou venez partager une chanson avec nous. Ou, venez savourez la musique et notre plaisir. On ne sait jamais qui s’y présentera, mais c’est certainement toujours un groupe avec un accueil amical avec qui passer l’après-midi.

Cape Breton Session at Gracie’s still going strong

This session is still going strong on the third Sunday of every month from 2pm to 5pm. The size and composition of the group varies a lot. Visitors are heartily welcomed. To see photos from the session or ask questions about it go to the Facebook group page: Players take a wee break at around 3:30 and get to share appetizers provided by the pub .

Grace O’Malley’s East Coast Pub - Changed to 1st Sunday of each month.

This session has changed to the first Sunday of each month as of Nov. 2018. It’s still going strong and welcoming listeners and players alike to join in the fun. It’s a good idea to always check the website, or the Facebook page: just in case something happened to change the schedule. It’s rare, but once in a while the session gets cancelled because of a statutory holiday or conflict with another group booking the venue.