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Meets every Thursday 5pm-8pm

This is mostly a fast-paced session for moderately advanced players but all are welcome. We’ll go around the circle to let each person lead a tune, song, or set at their preferred tempo. Or you can pass if you don’t want to do this.

The venue is a tap room inside a beautiful old D&H passenger train station, in the center of the village. Please bring a folding chair, since the venue does not have very many chairs available.

The session will feature tunes and songs from (at least) Ireland, Shetland, Cape Breton, Quebec, and New England, with a smattering of Swedish, English, Eastern European, Appalachian, and locally written tunes, as well as others. Some nights we may also feature some step dancing.

Beer and hard cider will be available for purchase, and there are plans to have a food truck parked outside.

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