Hubbard Hall

25 E. Main Street, Cambridge, New York, USA

Two comments

Every Tuesday 5:30pm-7:30pm

This is an often slow(ish) session focused on learning tunes by ear and preparing to play at community dances held at Hubbard Hall and around the area. Performance at dances is optional.

There is a wide range of experience levels in the group. Beginners welcome, although you should be able to tune and play your instrument. We play tunes from all over the world, including many from the Irish, Shetland, Cape Breton, Quebecois, and New England traditions. In addition, some of the group members have written tunes that have been incorporated into the repertoire. There is an ever-expanding tune list at

Meetings are weekly 5:30pm-7:30pm with (optional but legendary) potluck dinner to follow. The group meets behind Hubbard Hall in the Beacon Feed building, in the historic 19th century freight yard area, where there is also parking. The meeting room is in the leftmost or southernmost part of this very long building.

Please note that once in a while our meeting space is unavailable and we move to another location. Please contact us to make sure we’re going to be in the usual location, and for directions in the event that we are not.

Re: Hubbard Hall

As of now, this session has restarted post-pandemic but is meeting irregularly and in various locations. Be sure to call before going.