Kieran’s Irish Pub

85 N 6th St, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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From what I have always understood, this is a mostly closed session….I could be wrong though.

Kieran’s details

Kieran’s hosts an open session.

It runs on Wednesday nights from 9pm ‘til close and all Irish trad. musicians are welcome. Just remember that it’s more for advanced players with a lot of tunes under their belts. It’s some of the best Irish trad. in town. Vistors to the session include touring Irish acts to Fermanagh flutist Laurence Nugent (now of Chicago).

It’s possible that the IDEA that it’s closed may have it’s roots in the fact that there are so many great Irish trad. musicians in the Twin Cities who know far more tunes than could ever be put in a single tunebook.

Don’t be daunted. Even if one doesn’t know the tunes, the folks are friendly and the music is great!

I think ive asked this before but im not sure. Im pretty sure id be advanced enough but would it be all ages???

There are a few teenagers who show up fairly often for this session, so I would say, yes, pretty much all ages.

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Be careful when bringing young players …

I noticed that the initial post mentioned Larry Nugent; FYI, my (fairly recent) experience with him at a session is that he had way too much to drink, and embarrassed himself and others. Basically, he is intolerant of other players, and appears to think that a session is simply a stage for him (and him only) to show off his talent; in other words, stay out of his way, especially if there are young players around. I’m told that when he’s not drunk, he’s a decent sort of guy. - Stephen Bennett

Kieran’s Details

Players of all ages please disregard the previous post. Kieran’s sponsors a well run session where teens and pre-teens have taken part. One man’s opinion of a visitor to our session should not affect your interest in visiting yourself.

As Tom suggests above, it is a "standard" session where tunes are played up to dance speed (sometimes beyond). However, a good time is encouraged and all visitors are welcome.

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Here are a couple of photos from the session on Jan 11, 2006.
These are not very sharp, because I captured them from a underlit video
Thanks for the fun. The "piper" from Hungary 🙂

On the subject of teenagers

I go to Kieran’s to play with the session, and though i am not a teenager, only twenty three, i am still the youngest. There are a few other’s my age who apeare and have a blast. Though most of us just sit there attempting to figure out the tunes.

As was mentioned earlier, the rest of the people are very friendly, and always open to talking with the younger ones, laughing and joking, and helpful to tell of places and secrets and ideas for good thigns to play.

Don’t feel daunted to come out and play, for in my short time of going, i’ve heard all of them make mistakes and just laugh it off, or not even coment. Great place to learn tunes and learn the people who play the tunes.


As far as I’m aware, Wednesdays at Kieran’s no longer happen, but Sundays do. Kieran’s has moved to a new location as well, will see about having this updated or removed.

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Sunday, 12PM or 1PM to 3.

Kieran’s is a lovely session that is often around 6 to 10 people, never very large. There are a lot of less common tunes played here, but it is all great. A good session to attend to learn new things that you don’t hear frequently. Occasional songs by someone you may know of. ;)

Typically, it begins at 12, but during baseball season this can be later.

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