Kennedy Violins

508 SE 117th Ave, Vancouver, Washington, USA

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Kennedy Violins

2nd Sunday of every month, 6-8 pm. All ages and abilities welcome. Lots of beginners and intermediates currently. You might hear some Contra/Scottish/American tunes as is typical in much of the NW.

I’m not the host, but you can hit me up if you have any questions.



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Re: Kennedy Violins

Could you confirm that this session is still going? Is it open to non-fiddlers? Also, do you know if there are any other beginner/intermediate sessions for Scottish or Bluegrass music in the Vancouver/Portland area? I just moved to the area and play concertina, piano and mandolin. (But mandolin is a new one.) I’m not quite a beginner for Scottish music and Bluegrass music, but have played in sessions for the last couple years that mainly used sheet music. Any ideas would be appreciated! I would love to connect with some other musicians on a regular basis, even if I have to form my own group.

Re: Kennedy Violins

Huckleberry, did you ever find out if this is still going? Or find another good one in the area? I live on the coast and am looking to play some music. I’m a bit above beginner but not quite intermediate (maybe?) tin whistle player but I love playing ITM and am learning new tunes every week.