Various Venues

Weilheim, Bayern, Germany

  • Schedule: Friday.

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different venues

Wir spielen etwa 2 Mal im Monat, meist Freitag Abend, in verschiedenen Kneipen
im Pfaffenwinkel.

We usually play twice a month on Friday evening in different pubs in the area 20km
around Weilheim.

Re: Different Venues

Excuse me! I don’t understand much Deutsch…but why is there apparently a place called Pfaffenwinkel in the German message but somewhere else that sounds much more boring in English? I want to go to somewhere called Pfaffenwinkel!

Re: Different Venues

Danke Gonzo! I was confusing Pfaffenwinkel with Fulham Broadway.

Re: Various Venues

An easily made mistake.

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Re: Various Venues

Please come to Pfaffenwinkel !!!!
It’s an old word for this area. ‘Winkel’ means something like a Corner
and a ‘Pfaffe’ is on old word for a priest. The area is called ‘Pfaffenwinkel’
because so many old beautiful churches here. But with the priests in Bavaria,
not only the churches where build but also very nice breweries and pubs
with good beer.
Therefore our monthly email newsletter has the subject ‘Irish Folk im Pfaffenwinkel’.

Come back to me when you are south of Munich for holidays.