Kids’ Fiddle Session

Vancouver, Washington, USA

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Kids’ Fiddle Session

This is a Comhaltas (CCE) sponsored session for kids, grades 6-12, who have some familiarity with playing the fiddle/iolin and want to learn traditional Irish tunes and session skills.
Kids’ Fiddle Session is held from 2 - 4 PM on the last Sunday of each month in the downtown Vancouver WA area.
Please contact via e-mail for further information.

Re: Kids’ Fiddle Session

Do you know if there are any beginner/intermediate sessions for Scottish or Bluegrass music in the Vancouver/Portland area for adults? I just moved to the area and play concertina, piano and mandolin. (But mandolin is a new one.) I’m not quite a beginner for Scottish music and Bluegrass music, but have played in sessions for the last couple years that mainly used sheet music. Any ideas would be appreciated! I would love to connect with some other musicians on a regular basis, even if I have to form my own group.