Magdeburger Hof

Magdeburger Strasse 38, Rosslau, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany.

  • Schedule: Tuesday.

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Magdeburger Hof

The session is every Tuesday from 1830 - 22.30 and entry is free.

The music content can be quite eclectic, including traditional Irish, Scottish, English, Welsh, American, etc. tunes and songs from myself and other musicians, but also including contemporary music and people’s original compositions, mainly in English and German. So various musical styles feature.

The standard varies a great deal and the atmosphere is relaxed with the emphasis on fun and improvisation rather than technical perfection. Beginners are not turned away, but rather integrated whenever possible, and encouraged to develop their skills. Prices are reasonable and the food that I’ve tried there so far has been excellent.

Some of the instruments that have been brought to the session so far include guitar, mandolin, tin whistle, mouth organ, bass guitar, ukelele, okarina, glockenspiel, bodhran, bongos, cajon, tambourine, shaker, spoons and other percussion. Newcomers are always very welcome, as are those who just want to listen or join in with the singing.

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