Jives Coffee House

16 Colbrunn Court, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

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Relocated session will be Every Thursday evening from 7 to 10. Very active session with 8 to 12 or more regular locals and moderate skill level. Much more space for both audience and musicians now. Still a good idea to call before you come, until we get settled in, especially if you’re coming from out of town.

Call me for info, Doug Huggins
At 719-208-1817 or 719-260-1389

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Our thanks to Randy, the owner of Jives Coffee House, for hosting us.

While we’re sad to see Agia Sophia close, with all it’s wonderful musical memories, we will be making new memories in a new more spacious setting, and we’re looking forward to it!

This session frequently has between eight and 14 local musicians, many of whom have been playing together for decades… and may include a couple of singers, a couple of fiddlers,a guitar or two, players on keyboard-accordians and button-accordions, and concertinas, pennywhistles, flutes, hammered dulcimers, mandolins, bouzouki, Uillean pipes, and other traditional acoustic instruments. Skill level is moderate to medium to high on any given night. Beginners are welcome to listen, learn, and when they are competent, join in … provided they are within the Irish, Scottish, or other Celtic music traditions.

To avoid being overwhelmed, we ask that if there are multiple bodhran players, please take turns one at a time, and don’t all play at once… Also, Slow Airs, waltzes, and many slow songs are generally not improved by drumming.

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My son will be an instructor at USAFA a year from now. I am a POLITE bodhran player :-) who would love to come to listen and observe once my son has relocated there. I have a fleece-ended tipper for those awkward occasions when nobody wants to hear me:-). I’d just like to listen and learn, especially with the wide array of musicians you list.

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Emonty0001, I replied directly..please check your mail, and welcome!