Branksome Railway Hotel

429 Poole Road, Branksome, Dorset, England

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Second Wednesday of the month

Smallish gathering, quite informal most are fairly competent musicians but you do what you can.
there are melodeons, fiddlers, whistle players, bohran,
Starts 8 pm

Re: Branksome Railway Hotel

Anne, although I’ve lived in Québec for over fifty years, this Irish fiddler was for twelve years during the 60’s a border at St. Peter’s school in Southbourne. It was a time when, for reasons best known to the catholic church, parents of a certain middle class stripe saw fit to assign the rearing of their children to the care of celibate (we assume) monks. Cruel and unusual punishment you will agree. The musical education at the school, however, was exemplary and I played Irish music as a kid (accordion and piano at the time) but always met with that sneering derision relished in those grey times by the English when encountering things Irish. Now, to think that just down the road in Branksome, within the catchment area for my old school, an ITM session is alive and well in 2018 is reassuring and might even serve to absolve those oh-so-superior English school “pals” of mine, no doubt long since contrite, of their ignorance lo these fifty years down the road. Coinnigh suas an dea-obair.

Re: Branksome Railway Hotel

Is this session still running? Is it on this evening?