B Chord Brewing Company

34266 Williams Gap Rd, Round Hill, Virginia, USA

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B Chord Brewing Company

Second and fourth Sundays of each month starting at 1:00 PM and going until at least 4:00. Skill level varies. The first hour is dedicated to slow tunes - our motto is that everybody should be able to play during the first hour - though things can get pretty lively later on. We don’t have teaching sessions, but often we do have a new tune the group learns as "homework" between sessions. We love having visitors and try to be the friendliest session on the planet!

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Thanks, Gary, for putting us on the session.org! I’ve been a fan (and supporter) of this invaluable site for years.

The B Chord Irish Session formerly met at Corcoran Brewing Company in Purcellville VA for its first 2 years, then transitioned to our new location at B Chord in Round Hill, VA. Gary’s description is perfect: we are a friendly session where those seeking to improve their traditional Irish repertoire and musicianship will find acceptance, encouragement and challenge. We’re all about the music.

Gina Faber