Shandon Court

115 East Main ST, East Islip, Long Island, New York, USA

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Very freindly place owned by a man (jerry) from Ireland who has played Irish music for over thirty years. Very much looking foward to starting this session April 25th and every sunday after that. Session starts at 5pm

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i´ll perhaps be in NYC from end of june til the beginning of july and am looking for sessions there. is this one still going?

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I think the musicians night isn’t what folks on this site are looking for. From the Shandon Court website:

Gerry Finlay, owner of Shandon Court, is a professional musician with such credits as Liam Neeson & Natasha Richardson’s Wedding and Annually kicking off NYC City’s Saint Patricks Day Parade for NBC. Live music has always been a huge part of Shandon Court and for years local musicians were requesting an open mic night. Feeling that it wasn’t a good fit for Shandon Court he created Musicians Night. Local musicians stop in, play a few tunes and jam with other highly talented musicians. Organized by Mr. Gil McClean we’re all set up with mics, acoustic guitars, a bass and a house system. Email for a time slot!