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Stofan Cafe

Weekly session of around 5-10 players. Mostly irish traditional music with other north atlantic tunes and songs sneaking in. Usually starts at 20:00 but sometimes half or one hour earlier.

Discussions happen on our facebook page called Reykjavík Trad Session:

This session has been running since 2015, first in Ölsmiðjan, then The Drunk Rabbit and now at Stofan.

Re: Stofan Cafe

I was invited to this session, on the internet by Chris Foster and Jamie McQuilkin. They gave me the address of the Café in Reykjavik while I was there. This was a wonderful friendly session with great players. Linus Orri loaned me his guitar for part of the night. It was a good thing since much of the material was unfamiliar and it allowed me to play by ear. The tempos were good solid tempos and on the occasion I knew the tune on my flute I played along. Some great instrumental music by Iveta Licha on the Whistle, Sigríður Ásta Árnadóttir on the Accordian, Jamie McQuilkin on the Uillean Pipes and low Whistle and several others on Cittern, Mandola and Tenor Banjo. Chris Foster sang a very beautiful Irish version of an English Ballad. Linus Orri contributed a great deal to the jam on every instrument he brought as well as playing some of the most lovely Icelandic traditional music I have ever heard. I gratefully listened during those interludes. There were some rags played by the tenor banjo player as well as an occasional piece from elsewhere in the north Atlantic. There were some twelve people or so and it was friendly and relaxed. A small but appreciative audience clapped, danced and listened nearby. Thank you again to the players I’ve mentioned for the great experience. I’ve played at a number of sessions from Salt Lake City, to California and to Ullapool, Nant Gwertheyrin and Dublin, this was the equal of any of those and I would heartily recommend this session to anyone that is interested.

Re: Stofan Cafe

No longer running, alas, but it looks like this session will be decamping to Bar Ananas.