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Third Wednesday of the month

New Pan-Celtic this month in addition to the Knights of Columbus venue on 1st Thursdays; starts at 7pm. If they get enough people, this will be extended beyond the next three months.

Expanded to 1st and 3rd Wednesdays each month except August

Replaces Knights of Columbus venue.

Schedule changes in August

Because of racing season, the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays are taken by a local rock band. Three Tuesdays replace those days for just that month. Check with for updates.

1st Wednesday of the month

Now the 3rd Wednesday will be covered at the Olde Bryan Inn venue in town. 1st Wednesday will continue at the Parting Glass.

Rescheduled back to 2 each month

Returns to 1st and 3rd Wednesdays except during track season. Please consult our kindly Big, Skinny Road Manager, Paul O’Donnell’s, website (listed in details) for the Saratoga/Glens Falls session schedule.
Pizza provided by the management for musicians.

Rescheduled to every Wednesday

Meets each Wednesday except around the holidays (booted for parties) and during flat track season (booted for featured performers). See the Myspace or Celtic Treasures site.

are ye going to be playing on August 10th. I’ll be bringing the fiddle over from Ireland for a tune while I’m home finding in the area.

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visited at the August only venue of the Olde Bryan Inn in Saratoga, great session, nice folks, looking forward to getting over again soon!

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sessions going good and strong 🙂

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just moved up here. is this session still active?

Re: The Parting Glass

As of August, 2018 this session is still going stong. John Guay (hammered dulcimer) and Vonnie Estes (keyboard) are still the mainstays of the operation; other personnel vary over the weeks, months and years.

For the remainder of August, this session will move to Tuesday nights, resuming Wednesday nights in September. Except that there is no session the week of August 12-18. The Parting Glass events calendar ( does not yet have the September sessions posted, but we expect them to be added by the beginning of the month.

One of the big treats of the past couple of years is that two professional musicians, John Kirk and Trish Miller ( have been attending the session two or three nights a month. They are tremendous musicians and just great, fun people. Their presence has been a wonderful addition.

Re: The Parting Glass

I assume that there is no session on the night of 25 December (2019)

Re: The Parting Glass

Social distancing outdoor session, returns this Wednesday (July 15, 2020) after a 3 month hiatus (due to COVID-19 lockdown). Limited seating, weather dependent. Make sure you are not a carrier, and WEAR your MASKS!

Re: The Parting Glass

Actually, that was a FOUR month lockdown, not just three. Let the music play now !

Re: The Parting Glass

Indoor sessions each Wednesday start at 7pm (with masks optional at this point, in future depending on Covid numbers in Saratoga County).

Re: The Parting Glass

To those who have requested updates on the session(s) during October of 2022, here is a recent video of the look and sound of this one (‘favorite instruments’ of are included here - wink, wink):