The Downtown James Joyce

114 8th Avenue S.W. (Stephen’s Avenue), Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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Downtown James Joyce Session

Every Saturday afternoon, 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

This is a very friendly, open session. Tunes are played at moderate to fast speeds, depending on who starts them — and everyone gets to start a set if they wish, using the "whiteboard" system:

A whiteboard and marker are passed around to all musicians who write down their tune selections. Once these have all been played, the board is erased and passed around again. This continues for the duration of the session.

Mostly Irish tunes, but also Canadian, Shetland, etc., and there are generally a few songs

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Some tunes played at the Joyce (as of August 2004)

Jigs/Slip Jigs/Slides:

Banish Misfortune
Blackthorn Stick
Calliope House
Cat’s Rambles to the Child’s Saucepan
Cliffs of Moher
Connaughtman’s Rambles
Dusty Windows
Hardiman the Fiddler
Lannigan’s Ball
Lark in the Morning
My Darling Asleep
Out on the Ocean
Rakes of Kildare
Road to Lisdoonvarne (slide)
Saddle the Pony
Sliabh Russell
Tar Road to Sligo
Tenpenny Bit
Tripping Upstairs


Boys of Bluehill
Dennis Murphy’s Polka
Drowsy Maggie
Dunmore Lassies
Finnish Polka
Flowers of Edinburgh
Full Rigged Ship
Galway Hornpipe
Gravel Walks
Harvest Home
John Ryan’s Polka
King of the Fairies
Maid Behind the Bar
Miss McLeod’s
Redhaired Boy
Saint Anne’s
Ships are sailing
Silver Spear
Staten Island
Tam Lin
Trip to Durrow
Wind that Shakes the Barley

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Summer Break

As of August 1st, 2005: The Joyce session has shut down for the summer. Back in the fall!

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Session cancelled (for now)

The session will not be starting up again in the fall, after all.

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New Session

A new session has been started up at Friar’s Pub to replace this one.

Current Session

The session is still happening at the GArrison Pub, 2-5pm Saturdays.

Sessions no longer active

All the sessions referred to above are now extinct.

The James Joyce on Stephens ave is hosting a new Irish session every Saturday between 3-6pm. It is an open session, those with the above or similar repertoire are welcome.

Addressed the Address

Confusingly, streets in Calgary sometimes go by name and sometimes by number. I’ve added the street name to the venue name to remove the confusion.

Re: The Downtown James Joyce

Is this session still going? I’ll be in Calgary this weekend for work, but I could sneak out for a few hours!