Kirwans On The Wharf

749 Wharf St., Washington, District of Columbia, USA

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Kirwans on the Wharf

Session goes from 3-6. Intimate session with some friendly folks. I was welcomed my first time there when I randomly showed up. There’s a bit of chat and a bit of tunes. The venue is new and quite nice.

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Very nice session. Very welcoming to visitors. Table comfortably seats about 6-7 people. It is in a nice tucked away section of the bar, and the bar was fairly quiet on a Sunday afternoon. It got noisier after we finished with the evening dinner crowd. Nice view of the harbor, and no distracting TV screens visible from the session area.

Re: Kirwans On The Wharf

Hope to be there this Sunday. If the creeks don’t rise and the good lord willin’. I trust this session is still going, if not, it sounds like a chill pub. Slainte.

Re: Kirwans On The Wharf

Staff at kirwan’s doesn’t know what I’m talking about. Please scratch this one.

Kirwan’s on the Wharf

I recently attended a Pipers’ Weekend retreat near Shepherdstown, WV and asked about sessions in DC. (I don’t play pipes at all, but heard there might be some flute and whistle players there.)

I was told that Kirwan’s might have a Sunday session. I just received a reply from the restaurant confirming a regular weekly session every Sunday from 3:00 until 6:00. But that is the extent of my knowledge. No idea regarding “skill level, etc.”

I hope to attend for the first time this coming Sunday. (I’m hoping it’s very open to rank amateurs such as myself. I’ll probably end up just listening rather than attempting to play.)