O’Lacy’s Irish Pub

5 School Street, Batavia, New York, USA

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“Beltine Gathering” - next joint Fin-Wyn Seisun - SATURDAY MAY 1st

The Rochester (Tom Fincane) and Buffalo (Martin Wynne) branches of CCE are holding another joint session, which will meet halfway in Batavia, NY at O’Lacy’s Irish Pub.

Starts around 3PM, goes until the last fiddler drops over. Stop by if you happen to be anywhere in Western New York that weekend.

Led by esteemed Clare-men Ed Dillon (Buffalo) and Marty O’Keefe (Rochester).

Contact Mark Warford (warford@adelphia.net) or Stephanie Cornelius (steph75cornelius@yahoo.com).

Fun photos from a past Fin-Wyn gathering:

“Lunasa Gathering” - next joing Fin-Wyn Seisun - SATURDAY AUGUST 14th


Calling all WNY session junkies (and folk of that ilk from surrounding territories are most certainly welcome as well) - session gets on around 3PM.

Contact Mark Warford or Stephanie Cornelius for details, if more are required.


“Samhain” Gathering - come one and all!

3PM - ???

The usual haunt - O’Lacy’s Irish Pub - 5 School Street - Batavia, NY

New Slow Session - every other Tuesday evening


7:30-8:30PM - technique and style instruction provided for beginning to intermediate fiddlers (other instruments welcome - please e-mail me if you are interested in finding an instructor)

8:30PM onward: slow session - emphasis is on having a few tunes in a relaxed and supportive environment - here’s a regular opportunity to pick up new tunes and get comfortable playing with others.

Please contact me if you have any questions!

Thursday Night Session

The Tunes Tuesday venue has changed. Contact me for details.

The new Thursday night session is hosted by myself, Mark Warford, and Jason Pfeiffer. We usually get going around 8PM. So far we’ve had a fun mix of folks from all over Western New York join us.

If you’re in the neighborhood stop in and play us something cool.

No more Thursday night session…

This session has moved to the Bia Irish Deli in Williamsville (suburb of Buffalo).

Still home to the quarterly FinWyn sessions.

Re: O’Lacy’s Irish Pub

There is now a session at O’Lacy’s on the third Sunday of each month, starting at 3:00 PM. Bruce Clark of Warsaw organizes the session.

Re: O’Lacy’s Irish Pub

This is on hiatus for now.

O’lacy’s Pub

1st Tuesday of the month only. Starts right at 7 pm, officially ends at 9 though often goes later. So far, a real fun session! Pretty advanced I’d say. Led by Tim Benson who’s definitely advanced. I’m pretty sure this is the only session happening at O’Lacy’s right now— there have been many others in the past, alas