The Jolly Brewer

176 Ditching Road, Brighton, Sussex, England

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The Jolly Brewer

Every Wednesday at 8:30pm, led by Frances Marriott.

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Is this running still?

Re: The Jolly Brewer

Yes, it’s very much still running! A great session every Wednesday night.

Re: The Jolly Brewer

Here are some sets of tunes you might hear at this session:

Kitty Lie Over, Munster Buttermilk.

Molly Put The Kettle On, The Mill Stream.

Within A Mile Of Dublin, The Old Bush.

The Morning Star, Rolling In The Ryegrass.

The Lilting Fisherman, The Old Favourite.

The Concertina reel, The New Mown Meadows.

Shandon Bells, Biddy From Sligo.

The Gallant Tipperary Boys, The Bank Of Turf.

The Milltown, The Tenpenny Bit.

The Laurel Tree, The Man Of The House.

Julia Delaney’s, The Humours Of Scarriff.

Swinging On The Gate, The Cloone.

The Rose In The Heather, The Frost Is All Over.

Re: The Jolly Brewer

Still going strong, every Wednesday evening. Always a great evening of good tunes!

Re: The Jolly Brewer

The new year’s day session will be a hair-of-the-dog session starting at the earlier time of 4m.

After that, it’s back to the usual 8:30pm start time every Wednesday.

Re: The Jolly Brewer

No session tonight or for the next while as long as we’re social distancing.