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Re: Town Hall Hotel

Shame Woodberry didn’t work out. Could have put it on the map. Haha! I didn’t know about the Bennett and don’t get back to Newcastle real often but now that I do know… next time I’m visiting my sister in Woodberry on a 3rd Sunday, and don’t have to head back north to work on Monday, I’ll take the drive into town. Doesn’t sound like I’ll get there does it. Maybe one day.

Re: Town Hall Hotel

Yep. The Bennett session - is now at the Town Hall Pub at Waratah

Unfortunately the session at The Bennett is no longer. After an attempt to run it out at Woodberry it has now been changed to the Town Hall Hotel at Waratah.

Fantastic fiddler Shayne and all the other fantastic musicians are still part of the friendly session, so same people, different venue. It’s the third Sunday of each month, starting at 3 pm (an hour earlier than it used to be at The Bennett).

Hope to see you there - and yes, it’s Newcastle, Oz not Newcastle up-north-a-bit. Helen