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Darcy’s Donkey

Brand new session here Tuesdays, approximately 7-10pm (actually went on past 11 when I went.) Seemed friendly to beginners, especially early on. Got faster as the evening progressed. Management is quite welcoming and eager to keep a regular session going.

Parking validation in garage behind venue (insert your credit card, but get a QR code on a receipt from management before you leave to avoid incurring a fee.)

Re: Darcy’s Donkey

Brief update: The parking process has changed. You now get a ticket from the machine on entry. On exit, you use the ticket and a QR code from a bar receipt. There is a limited tab for musicians. If you come to the session and don’t buy anything, ask the bar for a parking validation, and they’ll give you a receipt copy to use to exit the garage for free. Parking is quite expensive without validation, and the bar owner wants you never to have to pay it. He’s a great guy to chat with if he is in the bar and you get a chance.

Re: Darcy’s Donkey

Sadly, Darcy’s closed its doors for good on 6/10/19. Hopefully some similar project will spring forth in the future. But for now, this session is no more. Please thank the owner and staff at if you ever enjoyed a session or one of their wonderful pies there.