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Tuesdays Tradition

These Tuesday sessions are always popular: gets underway by about 8pm and wraps up at 11pm

While new comers and rank novices (like me) are very welcome to join in, these sessions are regularly frequented by several extremely experienced, knowledgeable and internationally recognized players including the ex members of Arrandale, members of the Glenelg Full Moon Country Dance Band, Will Henry (artistic dir of the Celtic Festival) and others — the less experienced can expect just the right mix of tunes you can easily pick up and play with those that will simply amaze you.

Jazzmyn’s is on 9th Street East, directly opposite the Sun-Times building, down the street a bit from the Roxy Theatre.

Did I mention they have Camfrey’s, Killkenny’s and Guiness on tap? Not bad for cottage country!

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Anyone Played at Jazzmyn’s?

Anyone here ever played at jazzmyn’s in Owen Sound, Ontario? I’m moving there shortly from the Isle of man and I surely hope it’s a friendly place!

No longer active

These sessions in Owen Sound on Tuesdays are no longer happening.