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Albany, New York, USA

  • Schedule: Tuesday.

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Fiddlers Tour acoustic traditional music Session

Fáilte! Welcome to Fiddlers Tour! We are an open session that meets together to play every Tuesday evening, year-round. We welcome all ability levels, and those using sheet music are welcome as well. We play tunes from wide spectrum of musical styles, but mostly Celtic in origin (Irish, Scottish, Quebecois, Old-timey, Welsh, etc.). There is singing, as well as traditional instrumental pieces, and we are open to trying new tunes from other backgrounds too! Every person gets the option to choose a tune, song or set of tunes to play with the group, and we take turns. Generally, the earlier part of the evening is a slower tempo, and as the group gets smaller, the tunes get faster. The places we play all serve food and beverages, so it is a good place for socializing as well, for those who just want to come to enjoy music and authentic Pub atmosphere!

See you soon!


Re: Various Venues

Glad to see that FiddlersTour is still going strong!
Hello, my name is Hae-Young. I used to be a member of FiddlersTour 1997~2000 and played the fiddle in Tame Rutabaga band for the monthly dance “Family Dance Flurry”.
Say hello to Paul Rosenberg & Jim Broden ~

Re: Various Venues

Great to meet you! I’m Chris, and I’ve been the Tourkeeper for about 10 years now. We do see Paul Rosenberg every once in awhile on Tuesday nights for session. He does alot of his own contradance projects, though, and works with Jim and Sue Mead on the Dance Flurry, which is now held annually in February in Saratoga. If you ever in the area again, please stop in and play with us! We are a larger group now, but still open session and friendly!