Molly Bloom’s Traditional Irish Pub

100 Hayarqon Street, Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel

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Molly Bloom’s sessions

We have sessions at Molly’s twice a week- on Mondays and Wednesdays. These are more like gigs and not opened sessions. On Mondays there’s only instrumental music, and the performers are: Ehud Natan (Irish Bouzouki. Mandoline), Shani Kombelis (Flute, Whistles). Nitzan Shahar (Bodharn and percussion) and Yours Truly–Netta Hibsher (Low & Tin Whistles).
On Wednesday, the gig is dedicated also to vocal music (Irish traditional songs) and the ensemble is a bit different: Ehud Natan (who also sings), Shani Kombelis and Eitan Glickman (Guitar and vocals).

They also feature an actual session on Friday afternoons.

Friday Afternoons

These are less crowdy, more open for beginners, highly recommended!


I’ve been meaning to come in and comment about this lovely session, and thank the musicians for a great evening. I was visiting Israel in October, and right before I left I thought, “hey I wonder if there’s any sessions in Israel?” And who knew I would encounter such an authentic Irish pub experience there in Tel Aviv?! I went on a Wednesday night, and whether it was technically an open session or not, they kindly let me in with my whistle. From the moment I walked in the door, everything was right - the looks of the pub, the dark-yet-family atmosphere, and definitely the players were top-notch, yet not exclusive, and even a few songs were sung by an older gentleman while the crowd quieted a bit to listen. So if any of you who frequent this session read this - THANKS! It was as pleasurable as any session I’ve been to here in Chicago.

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Still a session on Fridays

I spoke to Ehud at Mollys this week (unfortunately I just missed his gig and was leaving next day) and he said the sessions are still going , from 4.30pm Friday, all welcome

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Nice session

It’s a Friday evening and I’m in Molly Bloom’s listening to some lovely tunes being played. Very pleasant indeed.

Re: Molly Bloom’s Traditional Irish Pub

Is this session still active?