Mattapoisett Public Library

8 Barstow St., Mattapoisett, Massachusetts, USA

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Mattapoisett Public Library

Session runs from 2-4 PM, once a month on Sunday. The library is closed in the summer months, so right now we’re a three season session. Session is held in the community room of the library and is family friendly affair for younger players and younger punters (we are next to the children’s room).

We are in our fourth month and the upcoming sessions for (2018) are January 13th, February 10th and March 3rd. Most likely one more in April, if your reading this in the distant future, contact the library or send me a message, on the, for upcoming dates.

Re: Mattapoisett Public Library

Well into our second year. Dates for now are January 12, February 9th, March 15th and April 19th!