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Port Mahon

The Oxford harp session is at the Port Mahon, on the first Tuesday in the month. Bring your harp (or other instruments), come and learn new tunes, play old ones, and meet other harpers. Any skill level is fine - and if you only have a diatonic harp, we will choose tunes accordingly.
Please note that this replaces the session at the James Street Tavern on Mondays.

Re: Port Mahon

The third relocation of the harp Session, but it has been running for nearly 15 years.

The Port Mahon

The Galician session happens on the last Wednesday of every month, 8:30pm. Join us for lovely tunes, singing, and dancing. Although the gaiteiro (bagpipe) who founded the session in 2012 has left Oxford, we are hoping to have visiting bagpipers in most sessions. Sheet music will be provided for anybody who brings an instrument and wants to join in (I also have a PDF file with 19 of our favourite tunes which I can email on request). There will be space for dancing. A box of miscellaneous percussion instruments (plus cunchas!) is also on hand if you would like to rattle along with the rhythms.