Candlelight Restaurant And Lounge

7334 NE Glison, Portland, Oregon, USA

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Candlelight Restaurant and Lounge

Morning Session! 11am every other Saturday. Alternates with the Tune Bench, a tune learning workshop sponsored by Portland’s Comhaltas Branch. See the calendar at for specific dates.

Open session

Dancer friendly -- there will be a dance board available to step it out

21 and over only due to venue

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Re: Candlelight Restaurant And Lounge: the BAR side, not the restaurant side

I went to the restaurant side of the establishment and nobody knew anything about the session: go out to the parking lot and the entrance farther from the street is the *bar* side: that’s where the session actually meets, I’ve been told.

Re: Candlelight Restaurant And Lounge

Could you confirm that this session is still going? Also, do you know if there are any other beginner/intermediate sessions for Scottish or Bluegrass music in the Vancouver/Portland area? I just moved to the area and play concertina, piano and mandolin. (But mandolin is a new one.) I’m not quite a beginner for Scottish music and Bluegrass music, but have played in sessions for the last couple years that mainly used sheet music. Any ideas would be appreciated! I would love to connect with some other musicians on a regular basis, even if I have to form my own group.

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Still going strong. Saturdays at 11 am. In the lounge at the back of the restaurant.

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The Maid Behind the Bar tells me that this session is being restructured to a hosted invite-only session starting last Saturday in August 2019.

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I attended this session about a month ago, and it was still an open, medium tempo session. Their FB events are no longer listed (hosted by CCE Oregon), so I’m not sure if it’s still active, and I haven’t talked with the regulars recently.

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Session is still going. Search “CCE Oregon” on Facebook for their event.