The Herschel Arms

22 Park Street, Slough, Berkshire, England

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Legendary Session

High standard of music, welcoming pub. Tom the owner is a Clareman. Anyone who is active in the Traditional music scene around London and the South will probably have played here and it attracts patrons from much further afield.

Starts at around 9.00, probably not the best place to go if you are a beginner!

This session is still going strong! Tom told me that they have only missed five Mondays in fourteen years. It appears to me that he only runs the pub so he can have a great session every week.
Tom personally sees that all musicians have beer and food.
Last Monday, there was a large group of excellent musicians, some of whom packed up between 11pm-1am. Then Mick McGoldrick arrived (after performing at the Albert Hall) with a couple of others, and the energy soared back up again. I left at 2:00 and there was no sign of winding down.


I tried emailing them using the email address given, but it bounced. Anyone got an up to date email? ta.


Ahh, ok, they’ve got a page on Facebook. I messaged them through that. But even so if anyone has a proper email I’d be much obliged.

Herschel not every week any more?

Don’t know if it’s true but a refugee from the Herschel turned up at our Sunday session last week and said the Herschel is no longer running every Monday. It had a good long run…

Still running

Apparently the session is still on the go every Monday and there is also music of some sort on a Thursday, according to Tom the owner.

Still running

Is the Monday session still running?

Monday session in the Herschel Arms

Nothing happening last night, ghost town, ended up watching a concert on RTE and then some of “the Vikings” instead of playing tunes.

Re: The Herschel Arms

Update: there’s a new trad lesson class starting up from 7:30 til 9 (starting Monday 24/10/16) followed by a session.

There’s also a more eclectic jam on Thursdays from 9pm with a mix of trad, country and blues - good oul’ craic altogether.

Any questions, post ‘em here and I’ll pass ’em along.

Re: The Herschel Arms

The session at hte Herschel Arms is on Thursday evenings now.

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