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Shenanigans Irish Pub

Weekly Irish/Celtic Session
Open but moderated - all skill levels welcome
Traditional instrumentation only (no xylophoninst wearing kilts)
Call Matt Haverly (host) with questions or to confirm.

Nice session

So far this session has grown nicely and has been fortunate to have a good variety of different instruments, and even a singer that sings songs entirely in gaelic that is wonderful. 8 players last night, 7 players last week. Instruments over the last 2 weeks include fiddles, concertina, flute, whistle, flatpicked guitar (playing tune melodies), harp, cello, viola da gamba, and a very nice bodhran player. Good variety and balance of tunes and tempos and meters. Word is starting to get out among the locals and a good core has started coming regularly.

Re: Shenanigans Irish Pub

One minor correction: it’s actually called "Shenanigans Pub and Grill," apparently. And founder Matt is on indefinite hiatus at the moment, but the session bravely carries on. (Just in case there are any exaggerated reports of its demise….)

Re: Shenanigans Irish Pub

Sadly, it looks like we will be taking a break for a while, due to coronavirus concerns. We hope to resume soon.

Re: Shenanigans Irish Pub

Even more sadly, this pub is now "permanently closed" per their Facebook page.