Élémentaire Café

6565 Avenue Somerled, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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Élémentaire Café

Just heard about this one at the Monday night session at Hurley’s. Haven’t been yet, but I understand it’s weekly at 6 p.m. (after regular business hours). There is a small per-person fee to cover the cost of staying open past usual hours.

Re: Élémentaire Café

From one of the Facebook events:

A weekly session in NDG where we will learn new Irish traditional news at a slow and steady pace, in a semi-structured format.

Sherry and Sean are volunteering their time to run this session, but we ask for a contribution of $3.00 per event towards the use of the space. The cafe is open during the session and participants are encouraged to enjoy some of the great coffee, treats and meals at this pleasant neighbourhood spot.

Each week we will learn two new tunes, review tunes we’ve recently learned, and play sets of the tunes we know in a session format. The session is geared towards traditional Irish melody instruments, but all are welcome to come along and give it a try. Irish traditional listeners are welcome too!

See our facebook group for this session here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1191030691045792/