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The Classroom

We’ve been running this session since Sept 2003 and though it hasn’t "settled" yet we’ve had some cracking sessions.
Mostly however the level is fairly low to medium with a LOT of easy tunes played and a high tolerance for (near) beginners and intermediates. We like to think it’s very friendly and regularly start by exchanging tunes/pages/notes and learning a new tune or two.
Young persons are accepted in this pub (it’s against the law in Ireland for minors to be on licenced premises after 21.00hrs) if they are involved in the session as we are in a seperate room off the bar area. Best to phone first 058-54832 (Bar) or me 058-54499 The staff (Caroline) are very hospitable.

TIME: 21.00 (9pm) to 23.30 (11.30) sometimes later if the spirit moves us !!!

Complete website

peter, thought this was more complete for folks to get information about your session location.

we look forward to meeting you this fall!

Ringing the changes

Due to the fact I’ve started evening college (studying "domestic renewable energy") on Thursday nights. I can’t attend the sessions. BUT !!! Willie Roach, the owner, says he’s DETERMINED to keep the session going and now that he’s recovered from heart surgery he’ll do all he can to "energise" the session.
I hope to attend the session in Caher(Tipperary) on the way home from college Thurs nights as I’d be too late for the Lismore one. It finishes about 11.30pm.
Willie has promised me that if I want to play on an other evening (mid-week) that’s cool. Any takers??? Lismore by the way is 45mins from Cork City and 50mins from Waterford. It’s about an hour from Tipperary town, over the Knockmealdown Mts. Not a trip for the faint of heart.

The Classroom

I don’t attend late sessions for health (and drink-driving) reasons.
The Classroom is mostly a "come-all-ya" type session though there are some burst of tunes. Mostly eels - anytime I was there in the last year. The athmosphere is good though be early and be prepared to give up your seat to a more established musician. There is little etequitte and less seating if you’re not there on time.
That said if a few gather together and blast out tunes,- - sweet all can be done about it.

great session with great tunes however I wouldnt reccomend it for a beginner

Re: The Classroom

Still going as of Thursday, 16th September, 2021.

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