The Tinker’s Nest

322 Metacom Ave, Warren, Rhode Island, USA

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The Tinker’s Nest

Intermediate to advanced players, $1 pints for musicians.

Change in policy: $1 draughts for musicians, you’re on your own if you order a bottle. If you’re in the area come over, very fun session.

Tinker’s Nest

This session was on hold during the Boston Redsox playoffs. Now that they’ve won & everything is right in the universe the session will resume. Same bat time, same bat channel.


Hi Brad

Gary Martin reminded me I didn’t have any info about your session on my CAPETRAD page - my bad and I’ve remedied the situation (
I’m not sure the Tinkers’ Nest website is working so I’ve listed the pub phone number too.


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This session is on hiatus for the time being due to a schedule confilct.

Done, gone Kaput.. thanks to all the nonsmoking laws & Great White fans who were too stupid to know any better than to light fireworks in a glorified garage with flamable foam on the walls. The craic was nice, but we must all thank the state gov’t for reminding us how to think. I’m sure that will pay Dave’s Mortgage.