Dead Rabbit

30 Water Street, Manhattan, New York, USA

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Dead Rabbits

Every Sunday from 6:30pm to 10:30pm, led by Cillian Vallely.

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Just a question: is this an open session, or more of a gig? I’ve never made it there, but from photos I’ve seen online, it seems that the musicians are mic’ed, so it seemed to me more of a gig than not. Not that I’m not delighted to just sit back and listen to Cillian (and/or Kevin) playing, just wondering.

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I don’t know—I haven’t been there yet. But I plan to go there in a few weeks. I’ll update here accordingly.

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I went there tonight hoping to play (August 11, 2019). It is a closed session.

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I went there on August 18th. Yes, it’s more of a closed (and mic’d) session, but I really enjoyed listening to it. Dylan Foley was playing some cracking tunes.