Chief O’Neill’s Pub

3471 N. Elston, Chicago, Illinois, USA

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The Chief Sessions

I only go to sessions at Chief O‘Neill’s once in a blue moon, so i really can’t comment a whole lot about them. In general, i would say The Chief sessions are not particularly beginner friendly. But the guy who runs the pub, Brendan McKinney, is a great piper and flute player, and tends to get ’bigs’ to come to the session when they’re in town. So the craic has been known to be quite good.

THe session on tuesday is from 8:00 to 11:00. The session on sunday is from 4:00 to 7:00.

Any more like this?

I’ll be in Chicago in a few weeks and would love to get a few tunes in - can anyone give me an update on Chicago sessions - downtown rather than suburbs?


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No more Tuesdays

Just called the pub to check on the session as I’m heading to Chicago this week. I was informed that they no longer hold the session on Tuesdays, just Sundays.

Tuesdays are still on

just got back from chicago- session was on tuesday and started around 8:30 or so

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i can second that. they hold sessions on both tuesdays and sundays. if you check out the web address in the details section, you can get all the times and everything. they even list if any bands or anything will be performing.

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A Great Pub

I was in town recently, and wasn’t able to get to the sessions, but did get to see the group Rig the Jig here one night. A great pub with a lot of historical stuff on the walls and in display cases, Murphy’s on tap, and great food. Next time I am in town I will be back, and hopefully on a session night.

Chief O´Neill´s

I called in at this pub on the Tuesday of Easter week while visiting Chicago. I arrived late (about 11 p.m.). The music was excellent, session leader was Seán Cleland and the atmosphere very friendly. Didn´t get to meet Brendan McKinney as he wasn´t there that night. I would highly recommend the session to anyone visiting Chicago.

Music class before the session!

Tuesdays at 7, there’s currently an adult music class with Sean Cleland; see Any instrument/skill level is welcome, and I recommend it.

Then 8:00 is normally a session with Sean AND the legendary Jimmy Keane. It’s quite a time. There’s usually a lot of kids playing/listening, too.

i just called the bar, and asked if there is still a sunday session. the bartender told me from around 6 to 8:30 every sunday (and the tuesday one is still going on, of course).

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If you’re in the in-group, it appears to be fun. If you’re not, you never will be a part of it no matter how hard you strive to improve, or how much you do improve.

Everyone is welcome!

The sessions at Chief O’Neill’s are multi-generational and welcoming to everyone of all skill levels. Students, community musicians, visitors and professionals come together for the Tuesday sessions at 8pm and Sunday sessions at 5pm. The last Sunday of every month, the Irish Music School of Chicago hosts an Irish Heritage Hooley with even more emphasis on encouraging students learning to play to jump in there. Come one, come all. Make sure to make reservations for the Hooley which gets pretty packed - 773-583-3066.

Re: Chief O’Neill’s Pub

Just to tell you all- I’m visiting Chicago right now. Word is that the Tuesday session is now gone. There is a session on Wednesdays now hosted by accordionist John Williams from 8-11. I confirmed this on their website.

Re: Chief O’Neill’s Pub

Who knew John Williams plays flute along with the other instruments? Very good too.

Re: Chief O’Neill’s Pub

The Sunday session led by Sean Cleland is going strong. The skill level is advanced but players of all levels are welcome.