Two comments


The monthly open Irish music session from the Grafton Street Pub is moving to Katie’s for the fall of 2019. The session will run from 7:30-10:00pm on the 2nd Wednesday of the month. The spirit of the session will remain the same. A set of experienced players will be present at each session but musicians of ALL levels are welcome. In the tradition of seisiuns, the focus will be on instrumental tunes with some traditional songs mixed in. A set of tunes is posted at the Grafton Street Open Irish Session web site but players are free to call whatever Irish tune they like when it’s their turn to lead. We’re happy to have less experienced musicians and students start and lead sets at their own pace. A set of session guidelines is also posted at our web site. Katie’s is at 145 W Main Street in Smithtown, right near the LIRR rail station.

Re: Katie’s

In January (or maybe February) of 2020, we’ll resume first Monday of the month sessions at Grafton Street Pub in Hauppauge, BUT WE’RE GOING TO CONTINUE HOLDING SESSIONS AT KATIE’S ALL YEAR ROUND on the 2nd (or sometimes 3rd) Wednesday of the month. Check schedule at website