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A new start

This session was previously at the Spotted Dog, Forest Gate.

The pub is close to Stratford town centre and about 5-6 minutes walk from the station which serves the Central Line, the Jubilee Line, the Docklands Light Railway, British Rail mainline and suburban services and soon Eurostar from Paris, Lille and Brussels. It’s within easy reach of Stansted and City airports and buses are too numerous to list. Parkings a bit of bugger though!

Hope to get going about 9pm.

The Princess of Wales

The session got off to a good start and we even had a visitor, John the flute player who had braved the rain to travel on the Central line.

We started a bit earlier than we had been used to and played until 12 when Conor, the governor, bought us a drink and stopped for a chat which meant that we left at nearly 1am. Conor was very complimentary - he had expected just a couple of guys with guitars singing and compared us positively with the session he had heard 2 weeks before in Dingle.

Good on you, Paul!

Good man! Keep ‘er lit! (And if any of you guys fancy a Saturday night sesh at the bottom end of the DLR, see the link for Shillelaghs in the session listing here!)


I’ll try to get there the next free Saturday I have.


For the second time this month we have been replaced by a comedy club.No warning.And now my space bar won’t work!

Bad manners …

Not good, Paul! Hope you find a new venue soon. (If your Thursday nights are free for a while, why not head over to the Blythe Hill … maybe bring along a few of your crew!)

We’re meeting next week at the Earl of Essex at Manor Park where there is a recently started session apparently. If there isn’t we’ll see if the guvnor will have us and if there is we’ll see how we get on with the people already there.

If not there is another pub at Maryland Point, The Chevy Chase, that has expressed interest in having us before but didn’t come back to us. One of the guvnor’s other pubs already hosts a general jam session on Friday nights.

Will keep every posted.

A new home for music in East London

We landed lucky last night. We agreed to meet at the Earl of Essex to see if we could play there but when I went in earlier in the week the guvnor didn’t seem too enthusiastic but took my number anyway. I phoned round and changed the meeting to the Chevy Chase and while the first of us were walking in the guvnor there was phoning me having been passed my number by the guvnor of the Earl of Essex!
So we played and he was keen to have us back so the details are:

The Chevy Chase
The Grove
London E15

Its a small pub on the doglog of the old A11 out of Stratford towards Leytonstone and is almost opposite Maryland Station (mainline) about 10 minutes walk from Stratford for the Underground.

Apparently there is a session there on Fridays too which I intend to investigate.

Paul … the doglog!! Oo-er! I know Stratford isn’t quite as salubrious as some parts of London, but playing a session on top of a giant dogpat! That’s just plain inverse snobbery, mate! (Only joking, of course. All the best to you and the crew.)

Pile of poo!

Of course I meant dogleg.